Our Company

Win Capital Group was originally created as a private investment firm to meet a need that had grown out of the trying economic conditions of the past few years.

Win Capital’s team has substantial experience and in recent years has observed many strong, well-managed businesses struggling because they were over-leveraged and underfunded.

Understanding that what many of these companies truly needed to turn around was experienced strategic advice and an adequate infusion of capital, Win Capital Group was established to invest in and buy debt of distressed companies. But as the economy improved Win Capital returned to its Founders expertise of advising and funding attractively valued companies that are healthy and looking to grow.

Win Capital Group through our team of highly experienced industry experts and our deep funding relationships, we can determine the winning strategies for many small and mid-size companies, then assist them with appropriate funding from our numerous investor relationships, to realize winning outcomes for businesses and their investors.

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Company News

Win Capital Group to provide Consulting and Financing support to Commercial RE Developer for construction of Hospitality, Multi-Family, and Government sponsored projects.
Win Capital Group engaged to provide equity and debt financing for Managed Services and Communications company to facilitate substantial growth plans through internal business development and external acquisition